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What is Global Warming? What are the Solutions?
It is no secret that glaciers are receding and sea levels are rising every day now. Plants and animals are struggling to keep pace with our changing climate. To many scientists and researchers it is becoming clear that human activity is one of the principal causes of global warming.

Humans are depending on fossil fuels to power vehicles and other machinery. Greenhouse gases released my modern man's technology are becoming trapped in Earth's atmosphere causing our planet to warm and our climate to become more erratic.

Many people are still unclear as to what global warming is and what the causes of global warming really are. There are still many skeptics that believe that the warming we are experiencing is a natural cycle of nature.

Global warming is a mix of rising temperatures on our planet, and erratic climate change. A rise in temperature and wacky weather go together.

There are several factors that skeptics and believers in scientific explanations of global warming both agree on. They agree that our planet is warming and they agree that the climate is changing. What is causing the warming, and the effects of greenhouse gases on our atmosphere is what some people disagree on.

This website will look at the main causes of global warming, the effects, the solutions, and we also look at the skepticism surrounding global warming.

Many areas around the world are already seeing the effects of global warming, whether it be through drought, flooding, mudslides, or intense hurricanes. The good news is that each person on Earth can help to slow down global warming through conscious efforts every day.

Humans will need to find other means of powering their technologies other than fossil fuels. If we work hard and concentrate our efforts we will succeed in coping with global warming and possibly slow it down considerably. The consensus among scientists is that even if we do things right from now on and we stop using fossil fuels, we will still have to deal with the effects of global warming that have already been caused.

What we can do is that we can stop burning fossil fuels and we can lessen the impact that of global warming and we can slow down the or eventually stop the continuing warming of our planet.

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