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Moneypanther is desired to cooperate with top-notch talents for future development.  Use Craftsman’s heart to continuity with Craftsman’s technique, establish a professional team for Chinese and western industrial civilization. Welcome to join us!
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  Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Recruiting numbers: 3 people
Job qualification:
1. Complete design and scheme of non-standard automation equipment machinery structure and mechanical parts (including pneumatic circuit);
2. Majoring in machine manufacturing, bachelor degree or above, 3-5 yeardesign-related experience (related to non-standard machinery design).


  Scheme Manager

Recruiting numbers: 2 people
Job qualification:
1. Formulate technical scheme and cost evaluation according to customerdemands;
2. Familiar with automobile industry and parts and technological process, 5+year job experience in automobile industry.

  Electrical engineer

Recruiting numbers: 2 people
Job qualification:
1. Perform electrical design, debugging and on-site operation of non-standard automation equipment;
2. Majoring in electric automation, junior college degree or above, 3+ yeardesign-related work experience (related to non-standard electric equipment).


  Sales Engineer

Recruiting numbers: 3 people
Job qualification:
1. Develop potential customers, and cooperate with scheme department to obtain orders; assist project managers in guaranteeing smoothness of the project;
2. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in mechanical design, automation engineeringor marketing;
3+ year work experience related to non-standard automation in automobile industry is better


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