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We're aiming at light application and its industrial usage, especially in aviation/car industries.

We are engaged in automation process improvement with light. And energy solutions will be green back.

Here's the way we go:

Aluminum and its profiles, as a major frame provider, will be the first glance of the service. We offer suitable design and professional trading items as you need.


Aluminum frames, asbasic construction modules, can be developed into several applications: Fences,arms and other equipments can also be ordered in our store on

For engineering cases, like nun-standard requires, please let us know yourproduction needs via contact. See how to find us, please click here.

Automation systems are most core values from us. We did following experiments in





Now, we have set out to launch our new R&D center to push back for silicon application in light collection process. We name this with XiongTeng AutomationSystems. Solar will be the core element to use.


Here lists other essential applications for environment and energy protection

CRT/Explosion proof cutting machine

Other Recycling lines

Automatic Stringer




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